Friday, April 20, 2012


I know it's been a while since I have posted anything, part of the reason is a Trojan Horse invaded my computer and made it impossible to access any Google web pages.  It took me quite a while to figure out what was going on and how to fix it, but I've fixed it and hopefully I'm protected in the future....anyway...

You don't want to miss Third Thursdays on 7th Ave in downtown Phoenix.  Special Events plus all the Antique Shops, Home Decor Stores & Boutiques have sales!!!

My first stop at 8:33am (would have left the house earlier if I would have known rush hour was going to slow me down so much) was at Melrose Vintage, one of my favorite shops, they were having a Warehouse Sale!!! They started at 8:00am and by the time I got there a ton of stuff was already called for, thank goodness they had a lot! They had it nice and spread out, easy to get to and easy to see, the crowd was perfect for me, maybe only about 15 of us shopping, making piles as fast as we could! Oh my goodness, I am so ecstatic with all my goodies!

Immediately I fell in love with this shelving unit.  The back is an old door and I'm not sure what the shelves are from but they are definitely salvaged wood!  It does need a good cleaning, some screws and wood glue, but it was only $28!  {HaPPy DaNCe!}

Another "I'm in LoVe, must have."  An old drawer with an American Cabinet Co. pull.

I'm always drawn to rust and anything with a scallop edge.  This plant stand needs a little a lot of work, but for $3.50 (yes that is not a typo it's supposed to say $3.50) I had to bring this rusty scalloped cart home!

I need got another mirror for my studio!  Yes it needs paint but I bought a non-vintage one at Ikea for $40 the other day, I would have had to paint it too.  This vintage beauty only cost me $22.50!  I will have saved myself 17.50 when I take back the Ikea one tomorrow!
{Can't stop doing the HaPPy DaNCe!}

Picked up these old screens to use to display my finished jewelry in my studio, at Trunk Shows and other events!

Going to put this flooring back together and going to make something special, watch for it in a later post!

They had a ton of old salvaged wood, not sure what I will end up making out of or using all this for but the claw carved table legs, with wooden wheels were only $1.99 each!  Now I just need to find the perfect top and turn them back into a table!

This old Webster's Encyclopedia Dictionary
is going to end up in my jewelry!

I think this might be my favorite piece.  It came from an old restaurant that closed in Phoenix called 3 Margaritas.  I was looking at the other letters and kept thinking that they looked backwards, until I got home and looked closer at my M and saw the vintage glass neon screws on the white side.  I thought the black side was the front but the front is the white side, however since I have an M either side can be the front.  I like it with the black side for the front.  I'm going to paint it and I'm going to have to resist my urge to cover it with German Glass Glitter, maybe paint it with some glitter paint like I have on the walls in my studio instead!

Sweet Salvage is only open the third weekend of every month. I have been trying to go to one of their events since they started last fall. Finally yesterday was the day, I went straight from Melrose Vintage and got over there right at their opening time at 10:00am to find a line of people waiting for them to open going down the block and around the corner. Even though I'm one of the most impatient people in the world I went and got in line anyway. To my surprise the line went very quickly and I found a few great treasures!

I loved the rust and the color of this drawer, it will make a great storage container in my studio. 

I love Forget Me Not flowers and this book was just so special, I love the blank pages at the end of each month, I thought they would be cute to use to make birthday cards!

Next and final stop was Zinnia's, another one of my favorite shopping spots in Phoenix.  I didn't know but was very happy to find out that everything in their store is
20% off on Third Thursdays!

I got this two tiered table that I'm going to use to display my home decor items at Trunk Shows.

I stole the garbage can from my den for my studio years ago and have never found anything to replace it.  Yesterday I found this planter, for only $7!  The den is going to get it's garbage can back and this is going into my studio.  It's made of copper and has a brass colored coating on the outside, I love the image pressed onto it so I'm going to paint the outside white and distress it so you can see the little birdies better!

I'm going to use this arch top trunk to store something....maybe fabric!
These are old neon capacitors.  I have been doing a lot of soldering lately and so I have had my eye out for anything glass, I have a couple of ideas of what I'm going to do with these, watch for them in a later post!

If you like vintage and antique shopping and are planning a trip to Phoenix, come on a Third Thursday!