Saturday, May 21, 2011

Country Snow Girl Turned City Desert Girl

I have been in my home town in Wyoming & Northern Utah visiting my family for the last 10 days.  I learned that after moving from the small town in Wyoming 18 years ago to the "city" and moving from snow country to the desert 14 years ago I am officially no longer a "Country Snow Girl" but rather a "City Desert Girl".

I woke up to it snowing three days in a row!!!  It's okay to visit and have snow in the winter, but snow in the middle of May is just wrong!!!

However, while cozy and warm sitting inside the house I can't deny that I love the quite beauty that comes with a snow storm. 

While visiting I couldn't help but notice all the simple luxuries I have living in the city, ones that I would not want to give up any time soon.  Shopping being one of them, but I did find some good treasures at the local antique store which I'll share in a post once I return home.

It was so fun to get to see my niece Olivia
and spend some one on one time with her!

As much as I have enjoyed visiting my family I am looking forward to heading back to the city in the desert and getting to see my boyz in a couple days!!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty Presents

I love making presents look just as yummy on the outside as the hidden surprise on the inside.  I made these pretty presents by taking a simple kraft paper jewelry box and gluing a vintage white paper doily on the lid with a glue stick.  While those were drying I made name tags out of paper clay, tied them up with a pretty blue-grey seam binding ribbon and attached the tags with jump rings.  I adore how these turned out, I love the tags, I think these may become a theme on my presents!

The one with the Mother tag was for my mom for Mother's Day and as promised from my last post here are pictures of her present.

She loves birds so I made her a pendant with a bird them.
Front of pendant with the C charm.
Back of the pendant.
In the next few days I will be posting pictures of the hidden treasures in the boxes for Stephanie and Corrine. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

I love this picture of my mom, Candace Comet, I've had it in our family room for about 13 years.  When I scanned it this morning I noticed her necklace for the first time. It is quite possible that my Great Grandfather made that necklace for her.  One of his hobbies was making jewelry too!

So I ran out into the garage and whipped up a little something to add to her Mother's Day gift that I will hand deliver to her next week.

And here is the finished C! Keep in mind I said I was going to add this to her gift, I will post pictures next week of the finished project, don't want to give away any surprises!!!

Happy Mother's Day to all of you great women who encourage, support & inspire others!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What a Differance A Frame Makes

This is a piece that my maternal Grandmother made and my Grandfather gave to me a few years ago.  I wanted to put it in one of our bathrooms but the frame and mat just felt a little too '80's.
(I always forget to take before pics so after I got it re-framed
 I had to lay the old mat and frame on top for the "before" picture.)

 I found this old barn wood looking frame and switched them out. It gives it a much more rustic look than the clean modern look it had before.
I love it!

 It now has a prominent place in one of our bathrooms.
I love having things that belonged to or were made by my family around me, it makes our house feel more like a home!