Monday, October 31, 2011

Mwuah ha ha ha ha....

I love creepy scary, but I despise being scared or watching scary movies!  Movies and shows either scare me so bad I don't want to get out of bed at night to go to the bathroom or I think they are so stupid and unbelievable and I can't believe that I am actually wasting my time watching it.  So when I saw the advertisements for American Horry Story I was so intrigued, it looked creepy scary, but I was skeptical.

Oh happy day, it is sooooooooooooo creepy scary!!!! I love, love, love this new show!!!  I had already made my creepy doll head decorations before we started watching the show but was inspired to creep them out even more with a fun new app I have on my phone.  They really remind me of the opeing credits, so these are my ode to American Horror Story, my new favorite show!

The openeing credits did motivate me to make this creation!

One of Troy's favorite things is to watch scary movies, I usually refuse to watch them with him and he ends up watching them alone while I'm in the other room blogging, making jewelry or doing something he has no interest in.  However, I give him one night a year, it's our tradition to get a Papa Murphy's Gourmet Chicken Garlic deLite style Pizza (my favorite), turn out all the lights so it's good and dark, cuddle up close on the couch and watch scary movies.  We have been doing this for the last 14 years, but for some reason I am really looking forward to our night of fright this year.

A little peak of American Horror Story for those of you who have not seen the show, love this scene!

I hope you all have a fun, safe &
Happy Halloween!!!
Mwuah ha ha ha ha ha.....

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Hullabaloo ~ One Week From Today!

I am super excited to be participating in this event; so far I've only been selling on-line and at Trunk Shows, this is my first big event, I'm so excited I can barely stand it!!!
If you are a local girl, don't miss out there is going to be a lot of fun stuff going on!  There are going to be over 70 vendors & each vendor donated an item to be raffled off, that's pretty good odds of winning!  Nope, you don't have to be present to win!

I will have a lot of new items and screamin’ show specials!

You can stop in at Hissyfits all this week to see the raffle items, they have them on display in their window!!!  In case you were wondering, this is my donation for the raffle!

Monday, October 24, 2011

BlingGirl Rings!!!

BlingGirl rings can now be ordered right from my Facebook Fan Page!!!
Just click the blue shopping bag icon that says Shop Now, then from the drop down menu toward the left side of the store choose BlingGirl Rings and place your custom order!
You can choose the Bezel and Band color; silver or Antiqued Brass.  You can choose from two flower styles; either Pom Pom Mum or Blooming Rose in 24 different colors!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Creepy Doll Head Decorations

I've been super busy the last few months with my new jewelry line!  I have a ton of new designs on my Facebook Fan Page but have not had the time to get them added into Etsy.  If you see an item you would like to purchase in the photo albums on my Fan Page send me an email and I can invoice you directly through PayPal!!!  Go here to view the photo albums, you DO NOT have to have a Facebook account to view the photo albums or see the my Fan Page, when viewing it will ask you to log in every few pictures but you can just click the ignore button and keep viewing!!!

A few weeks ago I took a day off from jewelry making and made a few Halloween decorations for my studio!

Well, before I painted but after I cleaned them up.  These dolls must have been in a dark, dank, damp basement for a really long time, they were super grimy and gross, perfect for this project!!!

I think the smaller head is my favorite, these were super fun to make, I love Halloween and making costumes and decorations, I just start the projects too late every year and they don't get displayed long enough!!!

I started on some Halloween jewelry but have not had a chance to get back to it, not sure if it will be ready for selling this year but I will post some pictures when I get them done anyway!