Saturday, May 21, 2011

Country Snow Girl Turned City Desert Girl

I have been in my home town in Wyoming & Northern Utah visiting my family for the last 10 days.  I learned that after moving from the small town in Wyoming 18 years ago to the "city" and moving from snow country to the desert 14 years ago I am officially no longer a "Country Snow Girl" but rather a "City Desert Girl".

I woke up to it snowing three days in a row!!!  It's okay to visit and have snow in the winter, but snow in the middle of May is just wrong!!!

However, while cozy and warm sitting inside the house I can't deny that I love the quite beauty that comes with a snow storm. 

While visiting I couldn't help but notice all the simple luxuries I have living in the city, ones that I would not want to give up any time soon.  Shopping being one of them, but I did find some good treasures at the local antique store which I'll share in a post once I return home.

It was so fun to get to see my niece Olivia
and spend some one on one time with her!

As much as I have enjoyed visiting my family I am looking forward to heading back to the city in the desert and getting to see my boyz in a couple days!!!


Bead and Needle said...

I'm a CO girl, and they can HAVE that snow...don't miss that at is pretty to look at from afar, though! The girls are so precious - what a great week!


Jackie said...

Oh my gosh those girls are adorable! I remember when they were born!! Wow, time flies!
The snow looks amazing, but I am desert girl all the way! I can't live anywhere else!

Ronna said...

Your nieces are cutie-pies! I agree, snow in May is just wrong. Nice to have in the winter time....

Amanda said...

They are so sweet and when I look at your sister's little girl, I see you :)