Sunday, June 24, 2012

French Queen Bee Desk

This Desk has been converted from an Old Roll Top to a Modern Focal Piece! It would look great in a Den, a Kitchen, a Large Hall, a Family or Living Room! I've painted it with a recipe I created myself for my own special Chalk Paint in Deep Black and White-White. I added Vintage Images and French Text to the sides using My Very Own Image Transfer Technique. I distressed it, gave it a European Hand Wax finish and changed out the old hardware with New Elegant Hardware!

~ SOLD ~
46 5/8" Tall x 51" Wide x 21 5/8" Deep
It looks like there are 18 drawers, but there are really only 11. There are four in the top organizer section, there are three on each side and one in the middle.
French: Rein des abeilles
English: Queen Bee
Drawers are all lined, this is not a permanent lining so it can easily be removed if you don't like it.

Please note all measurements are at the
tallest, widest and deepest points.

If you are interested please email me with your phone number and I will call you!


Jean said...


Jean said...


littlekbopeep said...

WOW! Wow...that's all I can say! Well, actually, as soon as I saw this I screamed "Baaaaabe, we REALLY messed up not buying the rolltop at GW! LOOK AT THIS!" Oh my...he was very disappointed in us as well. Ya see we passed up a roll top at GW for $75 which is steep BUT we were there on half price day as well. :-( So as wonderful as this eye candy makes me makes me sad and disappointed as well :( You did a GREAT job! I absolutely love it!
Kendra @

littlekbopeep said...

Oh and I am also your newest follower! I'm very new to blogging so "grade me" with a curve ;-)Come check out my blog @


Jackie said...

Oh I would love that desk for my scrapbook room but alas, I already redid that room and my hubby would shoot me if I started over! Beautiful desk!! I would not mind paying bills if I could pay them on that!! Sweet!

Bead and Needle said...

WOW - it's a stunner...can't believe you aren't keeping this for yourself. You've been busy - these pieces are all gorgeous, Mandy! XOXO

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